I meant to be re-released

This is my second attempt at this music blog. From 2019 to 2020, in my first iteration, I tried to listen, or in many cases re-listen, to my music library in an effort to be a better fan and appreciate of music. I began to put myself under a fair amount of pressure to write something relatable and personal while somehow trying to be critical of what I was listening to. I’m not much of a critic in a literal medium. At least not yet. And definitely not in the way I was using this blog. Get me in a conversation in a bar and I’ll tell you what I love about an album or tell you what doesn’t work for me. That’s the kind of guy I am and that’s what I want this to be.

Over the last months of 2022, I had an urge to bring this thing back. But I had to start anew. I took everything from IMTL version 1.0 and stashed it away in some storage locker in the backrooms of Word Press. I’m proud of some of the things I had on there, but it was an overall difficult experience to go back and read my lack of authenticity in some cases.

There are going to be times where I will want to write a couple thousand words about the personal importance of a band of album, but that didn’t have to come at a cost of trying to make something out of nothing. I want that to be genuine. Just like how I want my writeups and reviews and albums to be. I want this to be a journey of being a better at expanding my knowledge of music. I want the challenge of discovering new artists and genres and falling back in love with albums from year’s past. I want this blog to help me be a better writer and in turn a better listener.

I meant to listen. I have my headphones in and I’m ready to go.

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