What I’m Listening To: Ess See, “Waiting For The Sky To Fall”, and Emily Crain, “Curious”

I’ve been on a real big pop kick lately and have been circling back to these a lot lately.


Ess See, Waiting For The Sky To Fall

If you like your pop music big and bold, I implore you to check out the latest from Ess See. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Ess See is an artist who certainly knows how to craft a mighty fine tune. Clocking in at thirty-six (or so) minutes, Waiting For The Sky To Fall has something to satisfy every music fan. Where I think Ess See really shines is in their delightful hooks. While some songs lean toward “electro pop” at a first play through, you begin to hear moments that take you back to a time where every song on the radio had a way of becoming earworms. Unlike most music you hear today that uses punishing repetition to get in your head, Ess See is a truly skillful writer who uses techniques that leave you wanting more. Songs like “Dance In The Dark”, “Show Me Out Loud”, and the title track are all shining examples of modern pop music that refuses to have an expiration date.

Check out Ess See’s Bandcamp page

Emily Crain, Curious (single)

This song pinged my radar when I began to follow artist Emily Crain on Instagram after they had followed this account. It was after seeing Crain posting a video of themselves making a beat that really hooked me. What can I say, I’m a sucker for things like that. Having only released two official singles as of this writing, there isn’t much to sink into yet, but what we do have is quite excellent. I picked “Curious” because I love that thumping bass cradling the chip tune-esque bleeps and bops all throughout the song. It’s a fun, trippy tune that makes you feel like you’re floating and is a promising sign of things to come.

Check out Emily Crain’s YouTube page

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