What I’m Listening To: Lucky Iris, “Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home”, and SkyTigers, “Eulorgy”

Maybe these two albums don’t have much in common, but I’m really into them at the moment and I think you should give them a listen as well.


Lucky Iris, Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home EP

I was fortunate to have this release be brought to my attention. I know little of Lucky Iris at this time, but this EP made for a wonderful introduction. “Glitter Vision” and “Get Ready With Me” have a cool groove and contain moments that remind me of The XX and Sylvan Esso  Every beat feels important and the vocals seamlessly glide over the airy compositions. With only four tracks on this EP, I’m left wanting more and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Lucky Iris.

Check out Lucky Iris on their Bandcamp page


SkyTigers, Eulorgy

Eurorgy was released earlier this month on the upstart label Sound Investment Records. Having had the privilege of seeing this band live a few times, I was pleased to get my grubby hands on this record. If you are a fan of relentlessly heavy duty music, you need to put SkyTigers on your radar. Even if you aren’t into thrashing metal, the production on this album in outstanding. The instrumentation is piercing and body shaking with precision and a shimmer on Eulorgy. Don’t be misled however, this album is as grimy as the venues I’ve seen them perform in, but your shoes won’t stick to the floor as much.

Check out Eulorgy on the Sound Investment Records Bandcamp page

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