Ghosts appear and fade away

It’s about that time where I think about rewriting an old blog post of mine from many years ago about a blueprint for creating a good halloween playlist. It was one of the first things I wrote that I felt proud of. Around this time every year, I would remember to try and recreate the post only to forget about it for another twelve months. A week ago, I decided to do some digging around and find out exactly where that post was and dig it up.

I spent the better part of that day trying to figure out how to search for this old blog of mine. It was written six years ago and at this point, any search words netting anything promising would be an undertaking. Also, I was still trying to be just a little bit smarmy, so trying to figure out what I even titled my blog was be nearly impossible, and probably embarrassing (for example: I once had a blog called Terrible Pancake Recipes).

Through luck, I had found the blog with the Halloween playlist. Pretty impressed with my efforts, I clicked around to see what else I had written all those many years ago. Besides a post about Nine Inch Nails, there were tiny murmurs of this exact idea of a blog. While always wanting to write about my musical re-listening journey, I did not remember that I had tried and attempted to do about it six years ago. Even the title of that blog was influenced by the concept. It’s like a ghost from the past. Spooky.

Often I wonder what keeps me for wanting to share my thoughts in this way. Whatever the reasons, I now know that I had started at least three blogs before finding some bit of momentum with this current one. Perhaps I am not so worried about getting a reaction these days. I’m still mainly doing this for myself as I do enjoy writing and want to do more of it whenever I can.

So, for something fun this month, I will dig up some posts on the old blog from years ago and also have an updated playlist for everyone’s Halloween needs – even if it’s just my own.

There’s a ghost in me that wants to say “I’m sorry”, doesn’t mean I’m sorry.

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