I Meant To Listen To: Girls Against Boys, “Venus Lexure No. 1 Baby”


When I was growing up I had this Rage Against The Machine poster thumbtacked to my walls in my bedroom for years. The moment I saw it in on my friend Mike’s room, I also needed to have it. We weren’t the only two. It seemed like a lot of my friends followed suit and ended up buying this poster from Newbury Comics as well, and with good reason; It scratched that itch every testosterone-filled teen has. A depiction of Lady Liberty with guns and a crown of syringes? Sold!

Even though I must have stared at that poster every day for several years, it never dawned on me that it was an event poster for a show in 1996 and that it also featured two other acts. One of which were called Stamford Prison Experiment, named after the psychological experiment ran in 1971. The other band, and the one this post is eventually going to discuss, is Girls Against Boys.

Girls Against Boys was a band I had heard about, but never paid any attention to (sounds familiar?). I would see their albums while browsing through the aforementioned Newbury Comics looking for something probably edgy and nu-metally. It took many future trips to the store years later before I actually picked up one of their CDs.

Better late than never, right?

Venus Lexure No. 1 Baby, released in 1993, has been cited as one of the more important releases of the 90’s. Somehow it did get lost in the shuffle while I was growing up, unfortunately. It is honestly a shame it took me this long to give them a listen, as I really enjoyed this album and found myself coming back for more listening.

I am a sucker for a heavy driving rhythm. A chugging bassline with a heavy drumming backbeat swallowing up my eardrums makes me a very happy listener, and there is no shortage of that on this effort from Girls Against Boys. Tracks like “7 Seas”, “Let Me Come Back“, and the album’s opener “In Like Flynn” are relentless in their approach, and I can’t get enough. The track “Rockets Are Red” is heightened by this insane groove and it becomes clear why this band was the opener for Rage Against The Machine back at that show in Mesa, Arizona. Just like RATM, the musicians in Girls Against Boys expertly applied the best traits from a wide range of genres.

My favorite track off of Venus Lexure is “Learned It“. It’s three and a half minutes of fuzzy post-hardcore goodness. The harshness of the vocals and guitars are paired ever so sweetly with a distant, yet soothing backing vocal. It makes the song have this aura of dangerous coolness.

Although it took me staring at a poster that had been overlooking my bed for many years, I am glad it finally clicked and I bought an album of theirs. I’ve been exposed to another band with a discography I am excited to dig through.

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